Civil Litigation

Kontnik | Cohen represents clients in a broad range of noncriminal legal disputes. We have experience handling a variety of disputes such as contract disputes, property disputes, negligence based claims, employment disputes, family and domestic issues, and a range of other issues. Call us today to see if we can help resolve your dispute.



As litigators, we are ready to take your case to trial and get you the money or judgment you deserve. We are prepared to investigate your case, conduct depositions, file motions, and try your case in front of a jury of your peers. We are also experienced negotiators who want to get you what you are owed. We want to understand your unique situation, so we can zealously represent your interest.

Contract Claims—disputes about the terms or performance due under a verbal or oral contract.

Fraud/Negligent Misrepresentation – disputes about false or misleading statements.

Intentional Torts – disputes arising when someone intentionally harms you, your business or your reputation.

Negligence – disputes arising from the negligence of others.

Call us today! We want to hear your story and help you resolve your dispute.