What Our Clients Are Saying . . . 

Brilliant, Excellent Writer, and Genuine Personality

'I hired Austin for a high conflict case about parenting time & decision making. My daughter will benefit in big ways, both now and in the future. I got the exact outcome I was looking to achieve and more. Austin’s understanding of the psychology behind the case was remarkable and the psychologist that were involved raved that I choose the right lawyer. In the very beginning, he genuinely tried to settle, but the other side would not budge. So then he wrote a legal motion that was exceptional. It was highly professional the way he wrote about the weaknesses in the other side’s case without insults or being catty. During the deposition, Austin had my ex talking in circles - and he did it with tact and grace. 3 weeks before the trial, the opposing side got the Judge to let them use an expert witness and evaluate my daughter the next day, which was on a Saturday. Austin stayed up all night on Friday and wrote a letter with evidence to the other side’s expert and made sure it hand delivered the next morning before the evaluation. When the other side’s expert released the report, it did not help my ex and aligned with the same information in Austin’s letter. Then 2 days before the hearing, the other side gave up. I would also say that Austin has a very genuine personality and really cared about helping me and ensuring my daughter was the one that got the most benefit from the case. Austin has my highest recommendation.'

Finally I found someone who knows the ADA inside and Out

I have been with another attorneys in my past, Spencer is one of most reliable and quick-response communication that assisted us through the frustrating situation. The outcome with his service turned out smoothly and met our needs within few days. He clearly know what to do so I would recommend and encourage you, deaf or hard of hearing, to use his services. I definitely will use him again for any discrimination experience I confront.


Talented in the Courtroom

Austin was a professional in the courtroom for my trial. My ex-wife hired a former district attorney who tried everything in the book, but ended up failing in all of his efforts. Austin’s cross exam of my ex left no stone unturned and the Judge even talked about it in the ruling when she gave 100% of the overnights and decision making to me. I should also say that I was accused of parental alienation and Austin protected me and my reputation. What was also impressive was that Austin used my ex’s expert witness against her and saved me the money from having to hire my own expert. I should also say that my case had been ongoing for about 8 years and I previously had two different attorneys. It was not until I hired Austin that I saw results and he fixed my case for good. I will never have to go back to Court and I have Austin to thank for that.

extremely creative attorney and a highly skilled litigator

Spencer is an extremely creative attorney and a highly skilled litigator. He treats every client - big or small - with the utmost care and attention. He's also the only member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bar Association in Denver and is doing great work for that community.


Best Attorney

So I would consider the conflict between my ex and I really high considering just about anything I could have even imagined happening did and then some. Needles to say it was ugly.  When I had my first sit down with Austin he was extremely patient, understanding and you could tell he took my case seriously and I wasn't just another notch in his belt. He made sure he took everything he possibly could into consideration. Very much a straight shooter and professional.  His staff and him worked around the clock for 2 weeks to prove my innocents during our motion to restrict. When we went to court the judge filed a directed verdict in our favor and I must say having Austin and his team right next to me was definitely a showcase of power and satisfaction I won't soon forget. He gave me my son back. I am honestly forever grateful I hired such an extraordinary attorney. If you have any doubts at all about his professionalism or ethics, please take it from me, he is the absolute best attorney I ever hired.


Excellent, thorough, and highly competent attorney

'From the first time I spoke with Austin and explained my situation, I knew that he was the right attorney for me. He treated me as a partner in achieving my goals and not just as a client. He is very competent and detail-oriented. Austin asked all the right questions; listened to me intently; requested all the right documentation; educated me on the law; and asked me about the outcome I desired. He was very professional and consistently upfront with me. He provided the pros and cons regarding possible outcomes and costs – both personal and monetary - of pursuing a path, leaving the final decision to me. I found him to be both considerate and a straight shooter. He was well prepared for my divorce proceedings and the judge thought so, too! The judge noted and complimented him on his thoroughness regarding documentation filed with the court and case law cited to support the arguments on my behalf. In addition, the judge was impressed with the spreadsheet exhibit he created that enabled the judge to quickly view the totality of the marital estate along with the proposed assets & debts to be allocated to each spouse. In the end, he formulated a strategy that worked out well. It incorporated my goals and achieved the best possible outcome for me. Austin is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him!'


Reliable, Talented and Professional

'I could not be more pleased with the representation I received from Austin Cohen, and I would recommend Austin to anyone seeking the assistance of counsel in a divorce matter. My case involved a number of complex legal issues, and Austin managed my case in a competent and professional manner, providing information in such a way that gave me the utmost confidence that I was moving forward in my case armed with the information I needed to make informed and responsible decisions. What I appreciated most about Austin, however, was how he relayed legal concepts to me concisely - in a way that, as a non-lawyer, I understood. Austin continues to represent me with my legal matters, and I will continue to seek Austin's assistance and counsel whenever needed.'

Excellent, articulate and compassionate attorney

'Austin represented me in a family law matter. He did an excellent job of educating me and advising me throughout the proceedings. He listened to my feedback and incorporated my goals and needs in every thing he did. He is an excellent attorney and I give him my full recommendation.'